When the parcel carrier has to come 3 times…

Paketbote, der gerdae ein Paket an einer Tür abliefert

pakadoo for more sustainability

The last mile problem and the CO2 emissions it causes.

You can order on the internet from the comfort of your own home. But delivery causes CO2 emissions, especially on the last mile, i.e. the final journey to the customer’s front door. Depending on where the parcel is delivered and how many times the parcel carrier has to make a delivery attempt, the emissions caused can vary quite considerably.

Delivery locations and their CO2 impact:

Icon Haustürzustellung mit CO2-Wolke

Direct delivery

Doorstep delivery or delivery to the next-door-neighbor causes 277 g CO2.

Icon Postfiliale mit CO2-Wolke

Pickup at the post office

One pickup after unsuccessful delivery attempt causes 1,057 g CO2.

Icon Aktenkoffer mit CO2-Wolke

Delivery to the office

Bundled delivery of private parcels together with B2B parcels causes 133 g CO2.

Icon Paketstation mit CO2-Wolke

Direct delivery to a parcel shop

Delivery there and pickup by recipient causes 913 g CO2.

* With pakadoo, bundling effects can save over 36% CO2 emissions in parcel delivery (compared to delivery to private households, see study by Prof. Sucky, University of Bamberg).

** Savings per parcel 924 g CO2 compared to unsuccessful delivery attempt and collection from post office branch or parcel store – values certified by myClimate