We make your company greener

Our goal is not to compensate emissions, but to make sure they don’t happen in the first place!

With pakadoo, your company can not only offer employees a sustainable benefit that also protects the climate, but also improve its own ESG rating – either in the overall rating or as an individual project.

With our calculator, you can even calculate your CO2 savings in concrete terms.

Verschwommene Menschen von hinten, die auf ein bürogebäude mit Glasfassade und Bäumen davor zulaufen

For more sustainability

pakadoo – the delivery option that generates the least CO2 emissions*.

Parcels from all parcel services as well as private and commercial shipments can be delivered in bundles to pakadoo parcel lockers and so-called pakadoo points – either at companies, retailers or public locations. The shipments are delivered there directly at the first attempt. This eliminates multiple trips by parcel services and recipients for pickup and returns. Traffic and emissions are significantly reduced.

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Improving the work-life balance

Parcels arrive exactly where you are during the day, you don’t have to get in the car to them pick up or drop off returns.

Reduction of traffic and emissions

Fewer trips and no second row parking relieve traffic, CO2 emissions are reduced**.

Bundling parcel deliveries

Bundled delivery to companies and parcel depots guarantees a 100% delivery rate, there are no more unsuccessful delivery attempts to individual households.

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Improvement of ESG ratings

Concretely calculable CO2 reductions and time savings for employees have positive effects on the CSR report and on the ESG rating and thus make companies “greener”.

*With pakadoo, bundling effects can save over 36% CO2 emissions in parcel delivery (compared to delivery to private households, see study by Prof. Sucky, University of Bamberg)

** Savings per parcel 924 g CO2 compared to unsuccessful delivery attempt and pick-up at post office / parcel store – values certified by myClimate

Save CO2 with pakadoo

Easily calculate exact ESG benefits yourself

Are you looking for a simple measure to directly improve your ESG rating?

Then calculate here how much CO2 your company saves with pakadoo and how the work-life balance of your colleagues benefits at the same time!

CO2 calculator for calculating CO2 savings through bundled parcel delivery with pakadoo

Freundlich lächelnder Paketbote, der mit einem Paket unterm Arm in einer Straße mit Bäumen steht

pakadoo reduces emissions

Receiving parcels – more sustainable with pakadoo

Did you know that every parcel delivered to a pakadoo point or a pakadoo parcel locker saves up to 924 g of CO2? *

This is because parcels are no longer delivered individually to private households, but are delivered in bundles – often together with business parcels. There is always someone there to accept the parcels and there are no more unsuccessful delivery attempts.

But how much CO2 does a parcel actually cause? That depends entirely on where it is delivered and how many delivery attempts the parcel carrier needs. You can find an overview of different delivery options here:

* compared to unsuccessful parcel delivery at the front door and pick-up at the post office branch or parcel store.

pakadoo Awards

The pakadoo service – awarded for ist sustainability

We are proud that we are doing something good for the environment and for parcel recipients with our solutions. And even prouder that we have already received several awards for this, for example the BVL Sustainability Award for Logistics and the Hanse Globe Special Award for Sustainability.

Another accolade for us is that we have been included as measure No. 128 in DB’s environmental strategy  “Das ist grün”. As a climate protection partner, we support Plant-My-Tree.

Bild der Preisverleihung des Nachhaltigkeitspreis Logistik des BVL 2018 mit pakadoo Geschäftsführer Markus Ziegler

About pakadoo’s sustainability in the press

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