Better to protect the environment than stand in line for parcels

Everyone knows it: the parcel carrier comes exactly when you are not at home.

Environmentally conscious online shoppers who no longer want to miss a parcel simply have their parcels delivered to a public pakadoo parcel station near them or to a pakadoo point at their employer.

This also pleases the environment and the parcel drivers, who can deliver many parcels there together instead of driving to individual households.

Menschen, zum Teil mit Paketen in der Hand, die in einer Schlange anstehen

Save ways, save time, save the environment

Shopping online is super convenient. But unfortunately, the convenience often stops when it comes to parcel delivery if you’re not at home during the day. Then you have to pick up your parcels from a neighbor or even worse, stand in line at a post office. This is not only a nuisance, but also causes additional journeys and thus even more CO2 emissions.

But there is a better solution: simply have your parcels delivered to a public pakadoo parcel locker or to a pakadoo point at your company.

Your employer doesn’t know about pakadoo yet? Then simply make them aware of our service – all the info is here:

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Receive parcels at parcel lockers

In some cities there are public pakadoo parcel lockers, where shipments of all parcel services can be picked up. To do this, the parcels are simply sent to a parcel depot and from there brought to the respective parcel locker with zero emissions.

Icon Frau, die einem Mann ein Paket übergibt

Receive parcels at the office

Many companies officially offer their employees to have private parcels sent to work with pakadoo. This means that everything is legally regulated and you can take your parcels home directly after work.

Save trips and CO2

With pakadoo, there are no more wasted delivery attempts and the parcels arrive exactly where you want them. Many individual deliveries are bundled and often delivered together with business parcels. That makes for less traffic and CO2 emissions.

Icon Paket mit einem Pfeil, der eine Retoure symboliisert

Return your parcels conveniently

Returns are also accepted at many pakadoo points and parcel lockers. This is not only super convenient, but also environmentally friendly, because the returns are then taken by the parcel service when it delivers new parcels.

Freundlich lächelnder Paketbote, der mit einem Paket unterm Arm in einer Straße mit Bäumen steht


Receiving parcels – with pakadoo it can also be sustainable

Did you know that every parcel delivered to a pakadoo point in companies or to a pakadoo parcel locker saves up to 924 g of CO2?*

This is because parcels are no longer delivered individually to private households, but can be delivered in bundles – often together with business parcels. What’s more, there is always someone at the pakadoo points and parcel depots who can accept the parcels and there are no more futile delivery attempts.

But how much CO2 does a parcel actually cause? You can find an overview of different delivery options here:

* compared to unsuccessful parcel delivery at the front door and pick-up at the post office branch / parcel store.

How to pakadoo – this is how easy it works

pakadoo makes your life easier because you can use it to receive and return your parcels at any time at a public pakadoo parcel locker or officially directly in your office. Becoming a pakadoo user is just as simple:

  1. Check whether there is a public pakadoo parcel locker in your area or whether your company has already set up a pakadoo point for employees.
  2. Register HERE and receive your personal PAK ID. From now on, this ID can be used for every checkout process in online stores together with the address of your pakadoo point or the corresponding parcel depot. This way your parcels will arrive at your pakadoo point or parcel locker – independent of the store and parcel service provider.
  3. As soon as a newly arrived parcel is scanned at the pakadoo point or stored at the parcel locker, you will receive an e-mail notification or a push message with a code or TAN as well as a compartment number. With this you can pick up your parcel at your pakadoo point or parcel locker. Returns can also be dropped off at many pakadoo points and pakadoo parcel lockers.

Do you still have questions? Then just take a look at our FAQs or contact our Customer Service at

Frau von hinten mit Laptop auf dem Schoss, die gerade in einem Onlineshop an einen pakadoo point bestellt

How do I order with pakadoo?

When ordering to a pakadoo point or a parcel locker, it is important that you provide both the respective delivery address and your personal PAK ID, it is not necessary to provide your name.

On our info page for ordering with pakadoo you will find all the possibilities where to enter the PAK ID.

How do returns work with pakadoo?

Please find out in advance whether returns are possible at your pakadoo point or pakadoo parcel locker and if so, with which parcel service. Only returns with a return label can be accepted.

On our info page on returns you will find more detailed information, especially on returns via parcel lockers.

Hände eines Mannes, der gerade ein Paketlabel auf ein Paket klebt
Hände eines Mannes, der auf einem Sofa sitzt und auf ein Smartphone mit dem point Finder der myPAKADOO App schaut

myPAKADOO user app – never miss a parcel again

Just download our free myPAKADOO app and you’ll have all the important information, such as your pickup codes and an overview of your parcels, on your phone at all times.

Push messages inform you about the delivery status. In your personal user account you can manage your data and with the integrated point finder you can easily view all public pakadoo points and parcel stations.

How online shopping works with pakadoo

I love pakadoo – the notification comes online and I get my stuff delivered by the friendly colleagues from the mailroom and I don’t have to stress about it.

pakadoo user and DB Services employee

Lachende junge Frau mit halblangen braunen Harren, die in einem Büroflur steht und ein Tablet in der Hand hält
Lächelnde FRau mit langen blonden Haaren und einem weißen T-Shirt

I can recommend pakadoo at any time. Customer service that makes other companies green with envy.

pakadoo user and LAGO customer from Switzerland

Super convenient that I can take my packages home directly from work – without detours to neighbors or the post office.

pakadoo user and employee of Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH

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