More efficiency, more sustainability and happy employees

Companies are currently facing many challenges. Processes have to be digitized and made more efficient because cost pressure is increasing. There are increasingly stringent climate protection requirements, as well as obligations for CSR reports and ESG ratings that must be met. The shortage of skilled workers not only makes it more difficult to find suitable employees, job seekers today also have very high requirements of their employer.

To solve these challenges and to make your employees happy, we have developed our services.

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What can your company achieve with pakadoo?

From many years of working with our customers, we know not only the challenges companies face today, but also the goals they want to achieve:

  • More employee satisfaction, not only to attract good employees to the company, but also to retain them in the long term.
  • More efficiency, i.e. significantly faster processes in internal management of parcels and goods receipt.
  • Greater transparency with to digital processes that can be tracked at any time.
  • More security through time-independent contactless handover options and clear liability regulations when receiving private employee parcels.
  • More sustainability and an improvement in the ESG rating.
  • More digitalization through the introduction of innovative services that not only save time and money, but also pay off on the CSR and ESG report.
  • More customer satisfaction through the possibility of receiving parcels, goods and spare parts regardless of working and opening hours.

We support companies with various solutions so that they can achieve their goals. We adapt these solutions individually to the respective challenges and circumstances in the company:

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We improve your ESG rating – parcel by parcel.

The sustainability of your company is not only increasingly important for your customers, suppliers and employees, but also for investors. Currently, EU directives and standards for companies are becoming even stricter with regard to the achievement of environmental targets, especially for climate protection and CO2 emissions. More and more companies are required to disclose their sustainability measures in CSR reports and, in the future, in ESG reports. Therefore, all CSR activities are an important competitive factor and a long-term investment in the future.

A concrete CSR measure with which your company can not only sustainably do something good for the environment and employees, but also specifically improve its ESG rating, is the parcel service from pakadoo. Enable your employees to officially receive private parcels in the company with the pakadoo software and optionally a carrier-independent pakadoo parcel locker. This counts for the overall rating or as an individual project.

You can find more information here:

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A win-win situation for all

Johann Steinlein, Head of Product Performance Management Postal Service, DB Services GmbH