We take care of the future of your city

Rapidly growing e-commerce is causing more and more delivery traffic. The quality of life in the city suffers from traffic jams, CO2 emissions and second-row parking. For a sustainable city, economically and ecologically sensible strategies are needed to change this.

That’s why we work with cities, scientific consultants and local partners to implement sustainable concepts that reduce inner-city delivery traffic, strengthen local commerce and thus increase the attractiveness of the city.

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Today’s actions for your city of tomorrow

We support cities and municipalities in reducing logistics traffic and making stationary retail more attractive, thereby improving the quality of life for residents – for a better future of your city. We can achieve this together:

Reduction of traffic and CO2 emissions

Bundled delivery of parcels from all delivery services at centralized microhubs and pickup stations will reduce traffic and pollutant emissions.

Optimization of traffic flows

A scheduled delivery to central pickup points, parcel lockers and local retailers relieves the pressure on city centers, avoids traffic jams and second-row parking.

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Strengthening retail

Pedestrian-friendly city centers and the provision of additional services for customers outside opening hours make stationary retail more attractive.

Improvement of the quality of stay

Less traffic, attractive city centers and convenient, customer-oriented parcel delivery make for a better quality of life.

Our goal: Making cities more livable and environmentally friendly

Together with cities, local companies, partners and retailers, we implement forward-looking sustainable concepts for smart city logistics that are economically viable even after a funding phase. In doing so, we aim to

  • significantly reduce delivery traffic and emissions
  • make it more convenient for residents to receive parcels
  • offer stationary retailers services and increase their attractiveness
  • Involve local businesses, local partners and existing platforms.

Here’s how we’re doing it

What does pakadoo do?

Our solutions for more quality of stay in your city

With our software solutions for parcel management in microhubs, companies and stationary retail, our provider-open parcel stations and our holistic city logistics concepts, your city can breathe a sigh of relief: we reduce delivery traffic and emissions and strengthen the retail sector.

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Parcel management software

With individually configurable software for microhubs, companies and retailers, parcels and orders can be processed efficiently and stored in parcel stations. Recipients are automatically informed of the status at all times.

Carrier-independent parcel lockers

Our parcel service-independent parcel lockers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. At them, citizens can pick up parcels and goods from local retailers around the clock, depending on the location.

City Logistics concepts

In cooperation with Reutlingen University, we develop sustainable city logistics concepts that we can also put directly into practice with our field-tested software, digital platform, and intelligent smart locker solutions.

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Services for local retail

In our city logistics projects, retailers not only benefit from bundled delivery and pickup of their parcels by the Mikrohub partner, but can also use the provider-open parcel lockers for out-of-hours sales.

Portraitbild Andreas Kraut, Hauptamtsleiter und Digitalisierungsbeauftragter der Stadt Ettlingen

Through the joint project with pakadoo, Ettlingen will set standards as a city logistics reallaboratory for cities with comparable framework conditions.

Andreas Kraut, Head of the Main Office and Digitization Officer of the City of Ettlingen

Our main focus was initially on climate protection, i.e. less traffic through bundled delivery.

But in the lockdown, it became clear that our city logistics project with the partners pakadoo and HS Reutlingen solves some problems typical of large cities in particular, especially the contactless delivery.

A win-win situation for local businesses, the city, and not least the citizens of our city.

Oliver Lumpp, Deputy Head of the Economic Development Department of the City of Reutlingen

Portraitbild Oliver Lumpp,