Working together for more quality of life in the city

Increasing the quality of stay in cities is our goal. We can only achieve this goal working together with city administrations, local companies, retailers and, last but not least, residents.

They can all contribute – with the help of pakadoo solutions for the last mile – to making cities more attractive and livable.

Junge Frau, die mit gekreuzten Beinen vor einem hölzernen Pflanzkübel mit Baum sitzt, ein Handy in der Hand hält und in die Ferne schaut

Why pakadoo?

Logistics solutions for the city of tomorrow

Booming e-commerce is causing more and more delivery traffic. The attractiveness and quality of life of cities suffer from traffic jams, CO2 emissions and second-row parking. In addition, almost 50% of all parcel shipments cannot be delivered directly. They then have to be picked up somewhere – and usually people do this by car.

We want to change that. Since 2014, we have been developing sustainable concepts and solutions that bundle deliveries from all parcel services and reduce unsuccessful delivery attempts. In this way, we ensure less traffic, make cities and local retail more attractive, give parcel recipients more free time – and the environment can breathe a sigh of relief.

pakadoo solutions

Many stakeholders – one common goal: more quality of life through innovative logistics solutions.

We all want to feel comfortable where we live and work. And many factors contribute to this:

  • Livable city centers where people enjoy spending time and leisure activities.
  • Companies that value their employees and want them to enjoy living in their city.
  • A diverse retail trade with an attractive range of products and services so that people enjoy shopping.
  • Committed citizens who help to ensure that their city will continue to be worth living in in the future.

There are individual solutions for companies and retailers to make life easier for their employees and customers and to do something good for the environment. However, it has the greatest effect when everyone participates in city logistics projects together.

Grafik, die die Beziehungen von Stadt, Unternehmen, Handel und Einwohnern zeigt