pakadoo Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Scope

The following terms and conditions for use of the pakadoo service shall apply in the relationship between registered pakadoo users and pakadoo | DP Digital Business Solutions GmbH, hereafter referred to as “pakadoo”.

2. Prerequisites for the use of pakadoo

Prerequisite for the use of the pakadoo service by package recipients is the establishment and activation of a so-called pakadoo point (= receipt, storage and handover point for private parcel consignments) by your employer or the possibility of using a public pakadoo parcel locker as well as registration as a pakadoo user on the pakadoo website.

3. Registration

During the registration (first registration) pakadoo will request the following data from you:

  • Salutation
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Personal password for future log-ins

After registering you will receive an email with a link to confirm your pakadoo user account. Once you have selected your pakadoo point, you will receive your pakadoo PAK ID, which you will have to enter when ordering online in the future if you want to use pakadoo as a delivery option. If a PIN is required at your pakadoo point to collect your parcels, you will be asked to assign a PIN.

By registering and saving your data, you confirm the correctness of the information provided in the pakadoo profile. It is necessary to enter your date of birth, as we are obliged to ensure that no FSK18-liable packages are handed over to people under 18 years of age.

Changes to your personal data must be updated immediately in order to ensure that the pakadoo service will continue to be provided correctly in the future.

If you no longer use the pakadoo service and would like to delete your pakadoo user account, just send an appropriate email to

4. Orders via pakadoo

When using the pakadoo service as a delivery option for orders, the following conditions apply to parcel shipments:

  • The parcels weigh less than 15 kg and measure a maximum of 120 x 60 x 60 cm or a maximum of 70 x 35 x 45 cmwhen delivered to a pakadoo parcel locker.
  • Cash on delivery is not possible.

Not accepted at the pakadoo point or pakadoo parcel locker:

  • Consignments, the carriage of which contravenes legal or official prohibitions or the transport, storage, distribution and/or handling of which is subject to national or international dangerous goods regulations.
  • Consignments with insufficient packaging, especially with liquid contents, unless they are packaged as non-breakable and protected against leakage.
  • Consignments of exceptional or difficult to estimate cash value, such as works of art, unique objects, stamps, negotiable instruments, securities, precious metals, precious stones, industrial diamonds, watches as well as money and other valid means of payment.
  • Consignments that require special handling during transport – such as perishable or susceptible goods that have to be especially protected from the effects of heat or cold.
  • Consignments of live animals and parts or mortal remains of animals or humans.
  • Consignments that, due to their external nature or content, could pose a risk of injury to persons or damage to material goods and other consignments.
  • Consignments that require personal acceptance by the person placing the order.
  • Duty unpaid consignments (customs duties, taxes and other clearance fees cannot be paid in advance by the pakadoo point).

Declaration of exemption: As a pakadoo user, you agree to exempt pakadoo and/or the pakadoo point from all damages and third-party claims as well as potential penalties and fines that may be asserted against pakadoo or against the pakadoo point as a result of violation of the above usage restrictions.

5. pakadoo services at the pakadoo point / your parcel locker

The pakadoo services are available to you as a pakadoo user during the opening and pickup times of the pakadoo point specified by the pakadoo point operator.

Please note: pakadoo point can also mean a pakadoo parcel station, this is not always explicitly mentioned in the text below.

Parcels can only be picked up at pakadoo point after receipt of the notification of receipt. This message contains either a QR or a barcode or, if the pakadoo point is equipped with a parcel locker, depending on the locker model, the information of the locker compartment in which your parcel is stored as well as a TAN to open it.

When picking up your parcel at a manned pakadoo point, the QR code must be shown for scanning either as a printout or on a mobile system and, if necessary, a personal four-digit PIN must be entered.

You agree that the package may also be handed over to a third party who has the pick-up information provided in the notification of receipt, such as the QR Code or TAN, your PAK ID if applicable, and your four-digit PIN if required, and who can be assumed under the circumstances to be entitled to pick up the shipment. You should therefore handle all data required for collection with care – such as your bank card.

The parcel must be collected within a storage period of ten (10) working days – Monday to Friday – within the opening and collection times of your pakadoo point. In case of non-collection, you will receive a reminder email at the latest two days after delivery. Please note that there is no claim that pakadoo returns parcels that have not been collected. Your return deadlines may expire as a result. Uncollected parcels can be either auctioned or destroyed after 90 days.

If your parcel is delivered and stored at your pakadoo point and is not picked up by you or a person authorized by you within a maximum period of ten (10) working days, pakadoo is entitled, after a reasonable period of time (usually 6 months) has elapsed, to dispose of the shipment in accordance with the statutory provisions.

If a parcel delivered at a pakadoo point cannot be identified (missing PAK ID), pakadoo or a person authorised by pakadoo is entitled to open the parcel.

If the recipient of the parcel (pakadoo user) is unknown and cannot be identified even after the parcel has been opened, pakadoo is entitled to dispose of the parcel in accordance with the statutory provisions after a reasonable period of time has elapsed (usually 6 months).

Unusable or spoiled goods/consignments can be destroyed by pakadoo immediately after opening the parcel.

Deviating regulations for the receipt of parcels at a pakadoo parcel locker or at a pakadoo self-collection point s. Item 5.1. resp. 5.2.

If returns are permitted or possible at your pakadoo point, the return of a parcel will only be carried out with the free return label provided by the online retailer. Returns can only be returned via DHL and Hermes. If a private parcel arrives at pakadoo point without or with an incomplete PAK ID, the pakadoo point employees are entitled to open the parcel to determine the recipient.

5.1. pakadoo parcel locker

Once your parcel has been stored in the parcel locker, you will receive a notification of receipt by email or via myPAKADOO App. Depending on the type of locker at the pakadoo point, this contains the number of the relevant locker compartment and a TAN to open it. When picking up a parcel at a pakadoo parcel locker, either the transmitted TAN must be entered for opening at the specified locker compartment or your PAK ID and your four-digit PIN must be entered on the central operating display.

For technical reasons, each parcel is stored in its own compartment. A separate TAN for each locker compartment is required for each parcel at a locker with TAN entry. On a parcel locker with a central operating display, all you need to do is enter your PAK ID and PIN once and all the compartments in which parcels are stored for you will open.

If the parcel locker is full or your parcel is too large for one of the compartments, it is stored in the so-called overflow point. You will be notified of this in the notification of receipt and informed of the location and opening hours of the overflow point. With the data contained in the notification (QR or barcode) you can then pick up your parcel there.

Returns can also be returned via a pakadoo parcel rack (see FAQ for pakadoo users).

5.2. pakadoo self-collection point

After your parcel has been stored, you will receive a notification of receipt with the storage location and a button to click on. Click on this button to confirm the pick-up of your parcel. This changes the status of your parcel to “collected”. Please proceed in the same way when picking up your parcel. Parcels that are picked up without you having clicked this button or alternatively the button in your parcel overview are considered as not picked up in the system. You will then receive reminder emails for collection.

Please note that there is no supervision by pakadoo point employees at the pick-up point. You as the user bear the sole responsibility for the correct removal of your parcels. Liability at the pick-up point s. Item 9.2.

If returns are permitted at your self-collection point, they must be handed over directly to the pakadoo point employee.

6. Complaints and refusals of acceptance

As a pakadoo user you agree that the pakadoo point can refuse to accept delivery of parcels that are, in its view, obviously damaged.

When collecting parcels from the pakadoo point you must check them for visible damage / incorrect quantities and immediately inform the pakadoo point of any issues.

Please note that you can only complain to the pakadoo Service Team about a missing or undelivered package within a period of max. 90 days.

The pakadoo team is only entitled to refuse the acceptance of damaged packages or packages that do not comply with the terms of use. Refusal of acceptance for other reasons or at your request is not possible.

7. Communication

pakadoo would like to keep you up to date on website updates, new developments, services or offers. When you register, we therefore ask you to indicate whether you would like to receive a newsletter from us or not. If you are already a registered pakadoo user, you will of course continue to receive the necessary information about important changes in connection with the use of the pakadoo service.
Offers that pakadoo sends to registered pakadoo users via its newsletter are expressly directed at these users only and do not constitute an offer for third parties.

8. Exclusion from pakadoo services

The operator of your pakadoo point and pakadoo have the right at any time to exclude you from further use of pakadoo services in the event of violations of the pakadoo Terms and Conditions of Use or misuse of the pakadoo services.

9. Liability

9.1. Manned pakadoo point and pakadoo parcel locker

The delivering parcel service / carrier is liable for loss of or damage to the goods from acceptance for transport until delivery at the pakadoo point. From the time the consignment is accepted from the carrier at the pakadoo point until it is handed over to you or an authorised collector, the operator of pakadoo points is liable to the same extent as the supplying parcel service provider/carrier, up to a maximum of 500 Euros per claim.

pakadoo and the pakadoo point operator shall not be liable for damage or shortfalls caused by the parcel service provider / carrier, the online shop, the recipient or a specific defect in the goods.

pakadoo and the pakadoo point operator shall not be liable if parcels cannot be delivered due to an incorrect pakadoo point address and/or pakadoo PAK ID provided by the user. The pakadoo point operator is entitled to refuse the acceptance of these packages.

pakadoo and the pakadoo point operator shall not be liable if packages cannot be identified due to missing information on the delivery label and cannot be assigned to a user. The pakadoo point operator is entitled to refuse the acceptance of these packages.

pakadoo shall not be liable if missing details on the delivery label mean that parcels cannot be identified and assigned to a user. pakadoo shall be entitled to refuse acceptance of such parcels.

Please note that pakadoo and the pakadoo point operator shall not be liable if third parties gain unauthorised access to the QR Code, your PIN, your PAK ID or locker compartment number and the associated TAN and take possession of your package without authorisation. You should therefore handle all the above-mentioned data required for collection with care – such as your bank card.

Any further claims against pakadoo shall be precluded.

The limitations of liability regulated in the preceding paragraphs shall not apply to damages caused intentionally or grossly negligently as well as damages resulting from injury to life, body or health or to the extent that statutory liability provisions, such as the Product Liability Act, are mandatory.

In cases of force majeure, such as labor disputes, riots, official measures, IT failures, power outages and other unpredictable, unavoidable, and major events, pakadoo shall be released from the pakadoo performance obligations for the duration of the disruption and to the extent of its effects. Compensation claims of any kind in this respect shall be excluded. The assignment of claims for damages against pakadoo to third parties is excluded.

pakadoo and the pakadoo point operator shall not be liable for late deliveries caused by the carrier and/or the online merchants.

9.2. pakadoo self-collection point

Deviating regulations within the scope of liability do not arise; the delivering parcel service / carrier is also liable for loss of or damage to the goods at the point where the customer collects them from the time they are taken over for transport until delivery at pakadoo point. From the time the consignment is accepted by the carrier at pakadoo point until it is handed over to you or an authorised collector, the operator of pakadoo points shall be liable to the same extent as the supplying parcel service provider/carrier, up to a maximum of 500 Euros per claim.

10. Supported browsers

In order to use pakadoo optimally, it is necessary that you have installed a supported browser. pakadoo only supports so-called “Evergreen browsers”, which are automatically updated to future versions. These include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

11. Platform for online dispute resolution

Since January 9, 2016, the EU Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution in Consumer Matters is in force. The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) to which you as a consumer can turn with your problem.
Our email address:

12. Miscellaneous

No verbal subsidiary agreements to this contract have been concluded between you and pakadoo. Amendments and supplements to this agreement shall require the written form to be valid and explicit reference must be made to the fact that it is an amendment or supplement to this agreement. This requirement for the written form may only be waived in writing.

The invalidity of individual provisions of these terms and conditions of use shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

The place of jurisdiction for all claims shall be Stuttgart.

Amendments to the terms and conditions of use
pakadoo reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions of use in the future. The procedure of subsequent inclusion shall apply in this case, i.e. as a user you will of course be informed about the changes made. This may be by email or by other means, possibly by a notification on our website. An amendment shall be deemed approved unless you dissent within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the change notification.

Status December 1st, 2020