More free time for your employees – less CO2 for the environment

Even more important to employees than their salary is sustainability as well as appreciation from their employer who ensures that work and private life can be easily combined. We contribute to both.

We make it possible for your employees to receive their private parcels in the company – a service that six out of ten employees would like to have*. This is not only good for your employees, but also for the environment.

*PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, 2017

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pakadoo solutions for privat parcels

We make life easier and more sustainable

It’s not just your employees who save time and unnecessary trips to pick up parcels, but also parcel services, which can bundle private and business parcels and deliver them directly on the first try. This is good for the environment, because CO2 emissions and traffic are significantly reduced. Your company also benefits in several ways.

All you need is a cell phone with the pakadoo app, which guarantees an automated, transparent and, above all, efficient process for parcel storage and delivery – and your “pakadoo point” is ready. Everything else adapts to your individual company circumstances.

You would like to learn more? Then simply make your free consultation appointment here:

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More employer attractiveness

Give your employees the gift of time, because they don’t have to rush to pick up their parcels somewhere after work. You distinguish yourself as an innovative employer for whom work-life balance is important.

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More productivity

Your employees no longer have to worry about getting their parcels after work. This is one less stress factor for them and frees up their minds to concentrate fully on their job.

More sustainability

Not only your employees save many trips, but also the parcel services save futile delivery attempts. What’s more, business and private parcels can now be delivered in bundles. This reduces CO2 emissions and directly improves your company’s ESG rating.

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More security

The pakadoo software can be operated easily and intuitively. The process is digitized and automated, and it takes only 45 seconds to store and retrieve a package. Private parcels are thus directly identified, processed separately and do not enter the building unauthorized.

CO2 calculator for calculating CO2 savings through bundled parcel delivery with pakadoo

pakadoo saves time and CO2

Calculate benefits for your company easily yourself

pakadoo is both an employee benefit that saves CO2 and an ESG measure that simultaneously improves the work-life balance of your employees. This benefits not only your colleagues, but also the environment and even your ESG rating.

Calculate here how much CO2 your company can save and how much time your employees can save.

This is how receiving private parcels with pakadoo works for your employees

pakadoo customers and partners

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pakadoo Software

Only one app for all parcels

Using pakadoo’s service in your company is easier than you think. Everything you need for your *pakadoo point” adapts to your individual circumstances in the company:

  • an Android smartphone with the pakadoo app for an automated, transparent and, above all, efficient process for parcel reception, storage and pickup.
  • space to store the shipments in your mailroom or goods receiving area
  • a shelf, a (lockable) cabinet or a 0mesh trolley for storing the parcels

pakadoo parcel lockers

Time-independent pickup – more convenience for your employees

A parcel service-independent parcel locker from pakadoo can be set up in or in front of your company. This allows your employees to pick up parcels independently of your mailroom’s opening hours and also drop off returns.

You can also use it to offer additional services such as laundry cleaning, the exchange of equipment, the handover of documents or company vehicle keys very easily and, above all, contactlessly.

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For more sustainability

How an employee benefit improves your ESG rating

In terms of meeting environmental targets, stricter EU guidelines and standards for companies will apply from 2023, particularly in climate protection and CO2 emissions.

Sustainability measures, deficits and targets will soon have to be disclosed by all major companies in ESG reports. Many companies are therefore looking for suitable ways to positively influence their ESG rating.

One CSR measure with which you can not only sustainably do something good for the environment and your employees, but also directly improve the ESG rating of your company, is the service of pakadoo. Allow your employees to officially receive private parcels at the company and reduce CO2 emissions.

You can find more information here:

4, 3, 2, 1 – only four steps to more free time and less traffic

This is how easy it is to do something good for your employees and the environment

  1. You define a place in your company (the “pakadoo point”) where parcels can be received and stored by one of your employees, for example, your mailroom or the incoming goods department. Alternatively, the parcels can also be stored in a pakadoo parcel locker and picked up there by the recipient at any time.
  2. pakadoo provides your company with the software needed at the pakadoo point as an app, ideally together with an Android smartphone for which we offer device management. Of course, we also train your team that will work with the software.
  3. By registering on the website or via the myPAKADOO app, each employee receives his or her personal “PAK ID”, which he or she enters together with the company address during the order process in the online store. Now private parcels arrive at the company – regardless of the store and parcel service provider.
  4. As soon as a newly arrived parcel is scanned at your pakadoo point with the pakadoo app, the employee automatically receives a notification of receipt. He can then pick up his parcel at the pakadoo point. He can also drop off returns there.

Do you still have questions? Simpy check out our FAQs.

It is important to us to relieve the daily routine of our employees in a holistic way.

With pakadoo, we not only offer our employees added value by giving them free time, but we also promote climate-positive behavior with a low-threshold offer.

Sustainability is very important to us at LBBW and we want to continuously improve both as a company and as a player in the overall transformation.

Nils Eichberger, Executive Vice President Group Procurement and Security, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Nils Eichberger LBBW

Receiving private parcels in the company – this is how easy it works:

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  1. Your colleagues register with pakadoo and receive a personal PAK ID.
  2. This PAK ID is entered as the delivery address together with your company address when ordering from online stores or local retailers.
  3. The parcel services deliver business and private parcels bundled at your company.
  4. The private parcels are identified using the PAK ID, scanned and, if necessary, stored in a parcel station.
  5. The parcel recipient is informed automatically by e-mail or push notification that his parcel has arrived.
  6. The parcel can be picked up at the “pakadoo point” defined by them or at a parcel station

presse coverage for pakadoo as a social benefit

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