Greater efficiency and transparency parcel by parcel

pakadoo Business is an intuitive software-as-a-service solution for the mailroom, the goods receipt department and all consignees in your company. With it, you digitize and automate your internal parcel and goods distribution, making it significantly more efficient.

pakadoo Business can be individually adapted to your requirements and expanded into a campus solution for intralogistics.

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pakadoo Business

We optimize your parcel management – simply, digitally and efficiently

Using automated digital processes, you can process incoming parcels and shipments faster with the pakadoo business software. All information is available at the click of a button and nothing gets lost Your internal management of shipments becomes much more sustainable, transparent and efficient, which ultimately reduces your internal costs:

  • no more entering data in Excel lists or folders
  • no more searching for parcels or goods
  • no more notifying recipients by mail or phone
  • no more collection reminders

At the pakadoo parcel lockers, which are open to all providers, your employees, customers or even suppliers  can pick up or drop off parcels, goods and spare parts independently of working and opening hours. Storage and retrieval is also done here with the pakadoo business software.

Also, you can offer your colleagues the receipt of private parcels via the legally compliant, transparent process of the pakadoo software as an attractive employee benefit – and enhance your mailroom with this additional service offering.

pakadoo Business

One solution – many positive effects

With the pakadoo business solution, you can easily digitize and automate processes in the mailroom or incoming goods department that were previously carried out manually. This makes them traceable as well as significantly faster. For example, the storage and retrieval of a shipment is reduced to just under 45 seconds. But you can also make material and goods flows significantly more efficient with pakadoo Business.

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More efficiency

Shipments are scanned, digitally recorded, and stored and retrieved. Standardized, automated processes save valuable time, nothing gets lost anymore.

More flexibility

Lean software solution: without integration into your enterprise software or nterface to your ERP system. Customized to individual needs and expandable at any time with a click.

More automation

Automated receipt notifications and pickup reminders, as well as sender assignment during the storage process, eliminate the need for many manual processes.

More future-proofing

Features can be expanded at any time simply with a click, up to a campus solution for intralogistics. Optimal for shared desk models and agile teams.

More efficiency with pakadoo

Calculate time and cost savings directly yourself

With the pakadoo business solution for parcel and shipment management, you digitize and automate many manual processes in the mailroom or in goods receiving.

This not only speeds up the storage and retrieval of shipments, but also reduces the time needed for material and goods flow.

Calculate for yourself how much more efficiently your company can work with pakadoo Business.

pakadoo efficiency calculator

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Many features – individually configurable for your company

Our software-as-a-service for handling packages adapts to your individual requirements. pakadoo Business is modular, all features can be combined individually and can be added with one click. Here are just a few examples of the options available to you:

  • Package entry with department / name and other options such as shipment number, packaging type, etc.
  • Creation of picking labels
  • Parcel storage with scan, allocation of storage location or parcel locker compartment
  • Automated recipient notification at defined times as well as pick-up reminders
  • Goods collection or handover in several variants
  • Receipt confirmation manually or online possible
  • Delivery control via automated mail to recipient
  • Transfer of receipt authorization in case of vacation or illness

You have further requirements? We will find a solution for you, just make a non-binding appointment.

pakadoo Business solution

How parcel and shipment management works with pakadoo

  1. Employees authorized to pick up will be registered with pakadoo. The order is placed as before with your suppliers, optionally a compartment in the parcel locker can already reserved here.
  2. The supplier processes the order.
  3. The shipment delivery takes place either as before, alternatively your supplier can store the goods directly in a pakadoo parcel locker.
  4. The shipments are scanned with the pakadoo software and stored in the mailroom, or storage room or a parcel locker.
  5. The authorized pick-up persons are automatically notified by mail, a vacation or sickness replacement can be defined at any time.
  6. Depending on the process, employees authorized to pick up the shipments collect them from the mailroom or the parcel locker, or they are brought to the workplace.

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