Pick up parcels and transfer goods when it suits you

Our provider-open parcel lockers facilitate the receipt and the transfer of parcels and goods in companies, stationary retail and public locations.

Shipments are stored securely. Employees or customers can pick them up quite flexibly and independently of working and opening hours when it suits them. Suppliers can also drop off parts urgently needed in production at the parcel station around the clock.

pakadoo Paketstation im Foyer eines großen Unternehmens
pakadoo Paketstation in Magdeburg

pakadoo solutions

One parcel locker – endless possibilities

Whether in companies, in stationary trade or at public locations – a pakadoo parcel station that is open to providers can simplify many things or even make them possible in the first place:

  • parcel receipt and return
  • contactless internal mail distribution
  • Reception or collection of small and spare parts
  • Sale of goods outside opening hours (Click&Collect)
  • exchange of defective hardware
  • handover of documents, company car keys, etc. in companies
  • Exchange of goods from private sellers
  • Employee services such as private parcel reception, laundry cleaning, etc.

The service you need is not included? Just book a free consultation, we will surely find a solution!

Possible uses

Parcel lockers can do much more than just receiving parcels

There are no limits to the possible uses of a pakadoo parcel locker, and we can also customize the software used to store and retrieve parcels and manage the compartments to meet your individual requirements.

Icon Mann, der Paket aus Paketstation nimmt

Parcel and goods management

Make your parcel management and intralogistics processes independent of working and opening hours. Your employees and customers can pick up their parcels, goods, spare parts or documents when they need them.

Private employee parcels

Make life easier for your employees and simply enable the receipt of private parcels officially as an employee benefit. Shipments are stored securely and can then be picked up by your colleagues when it’s convenient.

Icon Einzelhandelsgeschäft

In stationary retail

Offer your customers new services and generate more sales. “Extend“ your opening hours and sell via the parcel locker – you can also offer Click & Collect. Or turn your store or shopping mall into a parcel shop for your customers.

In cities and municipalities

As part of city logistics projects, you can enable your residents to receive parcels around the clock with public parcel stations – regardless of the parcel service. And local retailers also benefit: for them, the parcel stations are an additional sales channel outside their opening hours.


A pakadoo parcel locker improves your ESG rating

It is not only customers, suppliers and employees who are attaching increasing importance to the sustainability of companies; a positive ESG rating is also an important decision-making criterion for real estate investors.

From 2023 onwards, even stricter EU guidelines will apply to companies with regard to the achievement of environmental targets, especially in climate protection and CO2 emissions.

One way to directly improve your ESG rating – either in the overall rating or as an individual project: Equip your properties with parcel stations from pakadoo and enable your employees to receive private parcels at the company. With this CSR measure, your company is not only doing something sustainably good for the environment and employees, but it also has a very concrete effect on the CO2 balance of your property.

You can find more information here:

pakadoo Paketstation im Shopping-Center Lago Konstanz
Frau gibt TAN zum Öffnen eines Fachs an einer pakadoo Paketstation ein

Parcel locker with TAN locks on each compartment

In this parcel locker variant, the individual compartments are equipped with intelligent locks that are opened via a keyless electronic procedure with the entry of a 4-digit TAN.

  • material depending on location: corrosion-protected galvanized sheet steel, wood or plastic
  • powder coating in over 200 RAL colors possible
  • modular design (approx. dimensions of a module 40 x 198 x 53 cm)
  • expandable with additional modules at any time
  • compartments in 3 different sizes (20, 40 or 79 cm high) available

You can also have the parcel locker made by your furniture maker and obtain only the TAN locks and the required software from pakadoo.

Parcel locker with central operating display

This parcel locker is equipped with a central operating display. The compartments open either after entering the pakadoo PAK ID together with a PIN or by scanning the company ID.

  • corrosion-protected galvanized sheet steel
  • powder coating in 200 RAL colors possible
  • modular design (approx. dimensions of basic module 53 x 186 x 41 cm)
  • expandable with additional modules at any time
  • modules available in a total of 2 different widths (30 and 53 cm)
  • compartments available in 5 different sizes (between 9.5 and 185 cm high)

The way to your individual parcel locker

1. Configuration

The parcel lockers are available in different sizes, variations and colors and can be individually assembled to fit your property. They are supplied for free-standing installation and can be retrofitted and extended at any time. We will be happy to advise you – just let us find out together which configuration is the optimal solution for you.

2. Installation

For installation, all you need is a power supply and a network connection, and, depending on the location, a foundation or the possibility of wall mounting. Once the parcel locker has been set up and connected, parcels, goods, etc. can be stored and retrieved via the easy to use pakadoo software. We provide support during installation and train your team before putting it into operation. And even afterwards, our customer support is available to you on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm.

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