Mann, der Retourenaufkleber auf Paket klebt

Returning parcels with pakadoo – this is how it works!

You would like to return your returns via your pakadoo point or a pakadoo parcel locker? Then you should find out in advance whether this is possible at your pakadoo point or pakadoo parcel locker and if so, for which parcel services.

You can also contact the pakadoo Customer Service at for more information.

MAnn gibt Retoure an einem pakadoo point ab

Returns at a pakadoo point

If returns are allowed at your pakadoo point, please drop off your parcel with a return label of the respective parcel service at your pakadoo point during regular opening hours.

You will then receive a confirmation by mail or push message that your return has been dropped off at the pakadoo point.

In our FAQs, you can find more information about how it works returning a parcel:

Returns at a parcel locker with TAN locks on each compartment

If returns are possible at your parcel locker, you can insert returns marked with a return label there in order to have them returned. To do this, you can reserve a free compartment in your myPAKADOO account for up to 12 hours.

Log in and go to DECLARE A RETURN AT YOUR PAKADOO POINT under your parcel list, enter the relevant data and click on DECLARE A RETURN and select one of the displayed compartments. You will then receive an email with the number of the reserved locker and a TAN to open it.

Please note: the parcel locker must be selected as the default delivery address for this, i.e. marked with a orange star.

Frau legt Paket in ein Fach einer pakadoo Paketstation

Display mit Retoure-Button an einer pakadoo Paketstaion

Returns at a parcel locker with central operating display

If returns ares possible at your parcel locker, you can insert parcels with a return label there in order to have them returned. To do this, please click on “Retoure” on the operating display, enter the shipment data and select the available compartment size. A corresponding compartment will open automatically. Insert the parcel and close the compartment.

Please note: this function is not available on all parcel lockers with operating display.