Frau mit Laptop auf dem Schoß, die in einem Onlineshop an einen pakadoo point bestellt

How do I order with pakadoo?

Having your order delivered to a pakadoo point works with any online store where an alternative delivery address can be specified. Simply enter the address of your pakadoo point together with your personal PAK ID as the delivery address. It is not necessary to enter your name*. Please note: Billing address is still your private address.

The address of your pakadoo point is either that of your employer / company location or, in the case of a public parcel locker, that of the parcel depot.

Note when shipping via GLS: please provide name or phone number here in addition to the PAK ID, otherwise delivery problems may occur.

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Checkout Onlineshop mit Eingabemöglichkeit pakadoo PAK ID

How to fill in the delivery address

Use the name fields for entering the PAK ID and the company name, because not all parcel service providers include the additional field on the shipping label. It is best to enter your PAK ID in the first name field.

Ordering at Amazon and Zalando

At Amazon, enter the (company) name of your pakadoo point in the “First name and last name” field, and your PAK ID in the “Street” field in the TOP LINE. Amazon has set up a separate “Help page” (in German) for pakadoo users.

Zalando also has a “Help page” (in German) for pakadoo users.

Checkout Amazon mit Eingabe pakadoo PAK ID
Checkout Maskador Onlineshop Bestellung an einen pakadoo point

Ordering from Maskador

After entering the address, simply click on “Different delivery address” and then select “Pakadoo”. Now just enter your PAK ID and your pakadoo delivery address will be displayed automatically.