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1. What is pakadoo?
pakadoo is an innovative free service that puts an end to the annoyance of chasing after parcels: You can quite legitimately and without any extra cost have your private parcels delivered to work or return them from there by using pakadoo as the delivery address – irrespective of the parcel transport.

2. What advantages does pakadoo offer?
With pakadoo as delivery address, your parcels arrive where you usually spend your time during the day: at your employer’s premises. Your private parcels are delivered during your company’s business hours along with business parcels. This means that delivery is guaranteed, irrespective of the parcel transport and whether you, as recipient, are there at the point of delivery. You can also send back returns furnished with a return label via pakadoo (see Section 21. Returns).

Using pakadoo saves you tiresome journeys to collect your parcel at the parcel shop or in the neighborhood, as well as when returning goods. In addition, combining parcels for shipment and guaranteed delivery on the first delivery trip reduces CO2 emissions, relieves local traffic and protects the environment.

3. What does the pakadoo service cost me?
Nothing. The pakadoo service is free of charge for the staff of participating companies. The respective conditions of the online shop or the parcel service apply to the cost of shipping and returns.

4. How can I use pakadoo to receive and return my parcels at work?
Prerequisites for the use of pakadoo as your delivery address are:

  • Your employer has established what is known as a "pakadoo point" at the business premises where you work. If your company does not yet have a pakadoo point, you can request an information pack at and use it to introduce pakadoo to your employer.
  • You have registered as a pakadoo user at and
  • After successfully registering, you have received your personal PAK ID (pakadoo user ID), which you quote when ordering in online shops (see Section 11. Ordering using pakadoo).

5. What is a pakadoo point?
A pakadoo point is the location at your company’s premises where your private parcels can be delivered, stored and collected. Each employer can determine for themselves where the pakadoo point is located, for example this could be reception, the post room or goods incoming. The respective company also determines the opening times during which private parcels can be collected.

6. My employer doesn’t have a pakadoo point
Use to request an information pack that you can use to introduce pakadoo to your employer and convince them of its many advantages. Unfortunately, you can’t use pakadoo without a pakadoo point in your company.

7. Why must I register for pakadoo?
By registering you receive your personal pakadoo user ID (the PAK ID). You provide this with each order together with the address of your pakadoo point as the pakadoo delivery address (see Section 11. Ordering using pakadoo). When you use pakadoo, your private parcels will be sent totally anonymously to your pakadoo point, scanned there and automatically assigned to you on the basis of the PAK ID.

8. What is a PAK ID?
The PAK ID (pakadoo user ID) is a personal, seven-digit identification code that you receive after registering on the pakadoo website. You quote it together with the company address when shopping online and it guarantees that your parcels can be assigned to you.

9. How does pakadoo work?
Parcels are accepted at your employer’s pakadoo point, irrespective of whether you are there and which parcel transport was used to send the parcel.
Quite simply

  • register as a pakadoo user (see Section 12. Registration)
  • quote your pakadoo delivery address including PAK ID when ordering online
  • receive notification as soon as the parcel has been delivered to the company's pakadoo point
  • collect the parcel using the code sent in the notification (on your smartphone or printed out) and personal identification by PIN

10. What is my pakadoo delivery address?
Your pakadoo delivery address is the address of your pakadoo point together with your PAK ID. The address of your pakadoo point is normally your company's address. You will find it in the myPAKADOO App under “HOME” or, when you are logged into myPAKADOO, at the top right after clicking on your PAK ID, as well as under "ACCOUNT".

11. How do I order with my pakadoo delivery address?
When shopping online, create an additional pakadoo delivery address alongside your private (invoice) address, as shown below. You do not need to state your name, as your parcel will be assigned to you on the basis of your personal PAK ID.

Name field(s):Company name
Address details / Company / c/o:PAK XXXXXXX
Street:Company address
ZIP code / City:Company ZIP code and location

Many online shops do not have an additional address field. In this case please enter the company name under "First name" and the PAK ID under "Surname".

Please note: the billing address should consist as usual of your name and home address. 

With online shops that already offer pakadoo as a delivery option, the delivery address is automatically provided to the online shop when you enter your PAK ID and you can complete the order even faster.

For further information please check "How do I order with pakadoo?".

12. How do I register as a pakadoo user?

You can register as a pakadoo user once a pakadoo point has been established in your company. You can either register via myPAKADOO App or on the pakadoo website. At please click at the top right on "REGISTER NOW" and you will be directed to the registration form. Or use the direct link

Under "Email address" please enter your email address at work. If you don’t have a business email address or if your employer does not allow its use for pakadoo, please enter your private email address and the additional registration code valid for your company (see Section 13. Registration code).

After submitting the registration form you will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address. Please click on the link it contains. You will then be directed back to the myPAKADOO area where you can select or confirm your pakadoo point. Once you have selected your pakadoo point, you are activated for pakadoo and can immediately order for delivery to your pakadoo point and log into the myPAKADOO area or in the myPAKADOO APP.

13. Where can I find the registration code?
You will find the valid registration code for your company in the email about pakadoo that you received from your employer, in the pakadoo leaflets given out, directly from your pakadoo point or you can request it from (please state the company at which your pakadoo point is located).

14. When registering, I didn’t receive a verification email to conclude my registration.
If this is the case, please check your spam folder first. 

If you used your company email address, it could be that your company’s firewall has blocked the email. Please contact your IT department for clarification. You can request the activation email to be resent by logging into myPAKADOO at or directly at If none of the above procedures resolves the issue, please contact 

15. I do not receive any pakadoo emails or they are only received in my spam folder.
If you want to make sure to get every mail from pakadoo, please add the email address to your address book.

16. Where can I view, amend or delete my data stored at pakadoo?
On registering you automatically receive a myPAKADOO user account. You can use your myPAKADOO login at, log in directly at or log in at the myPAKADOO App and view or amend your data. There you will find your PIN that you need to collect your parcels as well as a summary of your orders and returns made via your pakadoo point. You can also amend the address of your pakadoo point there, for instance if you move to another company location.

If you would like to have your account deleted, please notify the pakadoo service team via

17. Where can I find my personal PIN, my PAK ID, the details of my pakadoo point and the codes for parcel collection?
You will find all of these details in your myPAKADOO user account. You can log in at and use the myPAKADOO login, directly at or via myPAKADOO App.

Your PAK ID can be found in the myPAKADOO App under “HOME” or in your myPAKADOO area on the website at the top right. You will find all the details on your pakadoo point under "ACCOUNT" Your personal PIN, which you can change to suit yourself, can be found under "ACCOUNT / PIN AND MASTER DATA". You will find the parcel codes for your deliveries under "PARCELS" or please refer to the pakadoo email notification that you receive when your parcels reach your pakadoo point.

18. Where can I collect my parcels?
You can collect your parcels during the opening hours specified by your employer from your pakadoo point (i.e. the pakadoo point at your employer’s premises where you work).

19. When should I collect my parcel?
Please collect your parcel promptly during the pakadoo point’s opening hours. You will find these in the notification and in the myPAKADOO App, or if you have logged in at under "ACCOUNT".

20. What happens to my parcels if I don’t collect them?
Collection should happen, if possible, the same day you receive confirmation of a parcel's arrival. Parcels will be stored at your pakadoo point for a maximum of ten working days – Mondays to Fridays. If you are not going to be at work for an extended period, you should not arrange for delivery via pakadoo.

21. How can I send back return shipments / returns?
Hand in your return to your pakadoo point furnished with the free return label supplied by the online shop and stating your PAK ID. Please note that in some cases your employer may not allow returns.

22. How often can I make use of the pakadoo service?
There are no volume restrictions in terms of private use.

23. Receipt of my consignment was refused. Why?
There can be several reasons for this: 

  • It was evident that the parcel was seriously damaged.
  • The address was not correct or not fully printed on the shipping label.
  • The ordered goods contravene the terms and conditions of use. See also Section 25. "What goods can I order via pakadoo?". 

For more precise information, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs).

24. Which online shops accept a pakadoo delivery address for orders?
You can order at all online shops where you can enter an alternative pakadoo delivery address in addition to the billing address.

25. What goods can I order via pakadoo?
In principle, all goods can be ordered, provided that the following conditions are met:
Consignments weigh less than 15 kg and measure a maximum of 120x60x60 cm.

NOT accepted at the pakadoo point

  • Cash on delivery
  • Consignments, the carriage of which contravenes legal or official prohibitions or the transport, storage, distribution and/or handling of which is subject to national or international dangerous goods regulations.
  • Consignments with insufficient packaging, especially with liquid contents, unless they are packaged as non-breakable and protected against leakage.
  • Consignments of exceptional or difficult to estimate cash value, such as works of art, unique objects, stamps, negotiable instruments, securities, precious metals, precious stones, industrial diamonds, watches as well as money and other valid means of payment.
  • Consignments that require special handling during transport – such as perishable or susceptible goods that have to be especially protected from the effects of heat or cold; clothing on hangers.
  • Consignments of live animals and parts or mortal remains of animals or humans.
  • Consignments that, due to their external nature or content, could pose a risk of injury to persons or damage to material goods and other consignments.
  • Consignments that require personal acceptance by the person placing the order. 
  • Illegally imported goods

Please observe the pakadoo Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs).

26. Are private parcel shipments permissible at work without pakadoo?
No. pakadoo only regulates a clean transition of risk for parcel shipments sent via pakadoo.

27. How is my data protected?
Your personal data will be treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties. The pakadoo website is encrypted using SSL.

28. Who can I contact if I have problems, questions, criticism, praise or suggestions?

Please use to contact the pakadoo team.